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Transitional Kindergarten

Dear Parents & Families,

I hope your children and families are safe in these unprecedented times.  Online learning is different than the hands-on way we typically teach our TK grade level, and we want you to know that we understand how challenging it is.  

Our district has provided Google Classroom as the online platform to continue teaching our TK students.  Paper packets may be picked up one more time on Tuesday, April 21 for the last time.  This is our latest message from our principal, Mr. Saldate and the district. Those without online access may be able to with special requests.  We will also be teaching through specific educational websites and applications.  Chromebooks are available through our school for checkout and hotspots (although limited), may be requested for those who cannot access online education.

The purpose of this letter is to provide families with the key information that you will need such as websites we are using to teach distance learning and ways to access them.  Detailed log in classroom codes and individual codes were and can be provided to you by your classroom teacher.  

Grading, as you may already have heard, has been dismissed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.  Please submit a few examples of work per week on Bloomz or Google Classroom.  Continue to “turn in” work on Google Classroom and feedback will be given with comments.  Remember that work “returned” means we have seen it and accepted it.  All of the work is not required on Google Classroom and is optional.  As a TK team, we have decided on 5 or so MUST DO assignments per week that will focus on skills that we would be working on this time of year. 

 We are all learning together so please know that we are here for you, to help you figure out how to access online lessons, log in codes, and mostly moral support.  Our goal as TK teachers is still the same.  It is to make sure your child is prepared for the next grade level both academically and socially/emotionally.  We now need your co-teaching support as we prepare online lessons. We need parents, family members, and even older siblings to help get the work done at home.  You are our key partners in education through distance learning.  We will meet face to face with Zoom and also present some virtual lessons as we approach the end of the TK school year.   Please feel free to email, Bloomz, or text us in Google Classroom if you have ANY questions about our lessons or access.  We will be available M-F from 8:30-3:30.  We hope that this time you spend with your children is fun and special.  


Mrs. Cleve & Mrs. Silverbush